Xtrons IB90M245L

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Android 10 Octa-Core 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM Qualcom aPTX 9” Car Stereo Multimedia GPS System

Applicable Models & Years
For Mercedes-Benz B-Class W245 (2005-2011)
For Mercedes-Benz A-Class W169 (2004-2012)
For Mercedes-Benz Sprinter W906 (2006-2012)
For Mercedes-Benz Viano Vito W639 (2006-2014)(Please check dimensions beforehand)

Face Panel: 245/241*131mm

Although we have made every effort to ensure this unit will be compatible with the listed vehicles, please check the year, dimensions and shape of the center console of your vehicles before purchasing.

1. Please ensure your car’s central console is quadrate-shaped before purchasin
2. Please check to see whether your car has COMAND system, contact us, you may need additional connectors
3. Please check your vehicles’ radio antenna port, you may need to order a cable to aid for the installation. (ISOFZ is optional)
4. Please note your CD changer will NOT work after installing this unit.
5. If your car has original rear camera, you need to add optional FZMRM01
6. If your car has fiber amplifier you need to add decoder FOBB02 (Usually cars with Comand has fiber)

Enjoy Android 10 New Features in Your Car
Powered by the latest operation system, it offers more exciting features than ever and adapts to the way you use this unit.

A Breakthrough in Speed – Boots in Seconds Octa-Core 64bit Processor
By adopting the advanced Octa-core CPU and GPU architecture, task and operation speed of the device have been greatly increased. The octa-core 64bit processor offers high-speed computing and enables multiple applications seamlessly running simultaneously without performance degradation, creating massive efficiencies and a drastically improved user experience.
RockChip PX5 | 64-bit Computing | Clock@ 1.5GHz
Boot Time < 1s
First Boot Time < 20s

Excellent Multitask Capability with Greater Storage Capacity – 64GB ROM plus 4GB RAM
More ROM means more possibilities. The internal memory of 4GB makes data processing more efficient while the impressive 64GB storage allows you to store more apps and have them run smoother.

Professional Plug-and-Play Design – Faster and Easier Installation
Compared with the common ISO wiring harness, the wiring harness of this unit offers excellent stability and enhances reliability and convenience. Simply plug your vehicle’s factory wiring harness into this harness. Plug-and-Play is that easy. No cutting or modification of the existing wiring will be required. Customized connectors are designed specifically for your vehicle. All the Plug-and-Play design makes the installation quicker and easier than ever before.

  • XTRONS Wiring Harness Excellent Stability VS Common ISO Wiring Harness – If there is anything wrong with the color-coded wires, the unit may not work properly.
  • XTRONS Customized Connectors – Plug-and-Play VS Regular Connectors – Specialized adapters may be required.

Vehicle Specific Hardware Built in as Standard
Equipped with the standard hardware in automotive industry, the head unit offers excellent stability and reliable performance.

  • Bluetooth Module Qualcom aPTX– Detached Module–Better Bluetooth calling quality
  • WiFi Module–Detached Module–Better signal receiving, anti-interference
  • Radio Chip –NXP6686–Better radio signal receiving
  • Amplifier Chip–TDA7851 –High-fidelity and powerful audio effects
  • GPS Chip — MG1613S–Accurate positioning
  • 64GB ROM–Upgraded Storage / 4GB RAM –DDR3 memory
  • Rockchip CPU –1.5GHz * 8 Core –64-bit Octa-core processor
  • Power Supply–Sealed Inductor –Al Capacitors Compatible from 9V to 16V
  • In-Built CANBus – High integration, Good compatibility

CarAutoPlay Dongle (Wireless or wired)- Extend Smart Phone to Your Car (Optional)
CarAutoPlay donlge is your smart driving companion that helps you stay focused, connected, and entertained with the virtual assistant. With a simplified interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions, CarAutoPlay donlge is designed to make it easier to use apps that you love from your phone while you’re on the road.

*Optional CP02/CP03 support Android phone with Android 4.3 and above.
*Optional CP02/CP03 support iPhone 5 and later models with iOS 8 and above.

Choose the Button Illumination Color to Match Your Dashboard
You can customize the unit button color using the Panel Light Color function, choose from various color to match your dashboard panel perfectly. For a unique look, you can also switch to random changing mode to get a vibrant and dynamic visual experience.

Entertainment Unleashed to Keep Up with Your Day

1024*600 High Resolution, Multi-touch Screen
The 1024*600 high pixel density provides amazingly vibrant video and visual effects while the multi-touch screen offers a remarkable fluid and intuitive operation.

Supports 2K Video
Equipped with the latest video decoder chipset, this head unit supports playing 2K video and is compatible with most video formats, allowing you and your passengers to watch your favorite movies on the road.

Screen Mirroring
Instead of fighting temptation to use your phone while driving, let Screen Mirroring take the wheel. Simply connect your Android smartphone or iPhone to this head unit, and you’ll be able to access your phone’s navigation, music, and other apps while driving. This gives you access to a whole host of apps you use every day, in a format designed for use while driving, so you can interact with them more safely.
Note: Not all smartphones are compatible with screen mirroring function.

DAB+ Tuner Ready – Enjoy the Audiophile-level Sound in your Car
After connecting a USB radio receiver stick via USB port, you can enjoy better sound quality and stronger signal to many digital audio broadcasting channels.
Note: The DAB+ radio receiver stick is not included (Optional)

A Multimedia Center in Your Car
Radio | USB | SD | Mirroring

Smarter and Safer for the Road Ahead

Built-in GPS Receiver Module with External GPS Antenna
Support Sygic, iGO, Waze and any other navigation software that is compatible with Android OS. Never worry about getting lost now.

Qualcomm BT 5.0 aptX & BT Tethering, Hands-free Calls and Audio Streaming – Support Bluetooth 5.0
A great Bluetooth module has been adopted, making audio transmitted over Bluetooth without damage, better audio performance. support CD-like quality streaming hi-fi audio over Bluetooth Also can Bluetooth phone call and Bluetooth Internet sharing
Safer driving – Using hands-free calling via Bluetooth VS Distracted driving – Talking on the phone while driving

Stay Connected to the Internet
You can surf the internet on your head unit simply by using your mobile device as a hotspot or alternatively, access the internet by inserting a SIM card into the optional 4G dongle and use it as a hotspot to connect the head unit, tablets and laptops in your vehicle.
The 4G dongle are not included (Optional).

Steering Wheel Control (DUAL CANbus built-in)
With the steering wheel control function, you can switch songs, change channels and adjust volume at your fingertip, keeping your eyes on the road.

OBD2 – A Window for You to Diagnose Your Car Status
With the OBD2 function on this unit, you are able to retrieve real-time data and trouble codes from your vehicle’s computer. The data obtained from your vehicle is presented in an easy-to-read format.
Note: The OBD2 scanner box isn’t included (Optionale).

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) is Available
After having correctly installed the TPMS to your car’s tires, the sensors will automatically monitor tire pressure and temperature and transmit real-time status to the receiver so that you can view real-time data of the tires on the head unit’s display.
Note: Tire pressure monitoring receiver system is not included (Optional).

Video Input Ports for DVR & Camera
A DVR captures events that occur whilst driving, providing safety features such as collision footage. A reversing camera provides a way of safer and more accurate image, ultimately adding to your and others’ safety on the road.
Note: The DVR and reversing camera are not included (Optional).

Extended Functions for more Enjoyable Use (Optional)
1. DAB+

  • Enjoy the audiophile-level sound in your car


  • Monitors your tire pressure and temperature


  • A window for you to diagnose your car status


  • Helps you record your journey on the road


  • Makes the input of information on this car stereo easily

6.4G router WiFi

  • Browse on the Internet


  • Ensure the safety of your driving

9. CP02 CarPlay+Android Auto USB

10. CP03 Wireless CarPlay+Android Auto USB

Head Unit: 40 x 178 x 100 mm
Face Panel: (Top: 245 x Bottom: 241) x 131 mm

Package Content:

  • 9″ Android 10 Octa-Core Car GPS.
  • 1 x ISO Wiring Harness
  • 3 x USB Cable
  • 1 x GPS Antenna
  • 2 x RCA Cables
  • 1 x Microphone
  • 1 x CanBus Extension Cable
  • 1 x Wi-Fi Antenna
  • 1 x User Manual (English)



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