Xtrons DQ102L

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Xtrons DQ102L 10,1" 1-din Android soitin

HEXA-Core 64Bit Processor 4GB + 64GB ROM 10.1'' Android 10 Single DIN Car Stereo Navigation System with Adjustable Display and HDMI Output

Hexa Core 64 bit

The 1024x600 high pixel density screen provides bright and vibrant video and visual effects while the multi-touch screen offers a remarkably fluid and intuitive experience.

The 64G ROM & 4G RAM configuration means that you can enjoy all of your favourite games, and run the latest applications both smoothly and efficiently.

Adjustable Display

Get the best view in any conditions.

Change the viewing angle up to 45 degrees forward or 20 degrees backward - choose the optimal angle to avoid screen glare and always display perfectly.

Greater Storage Capacity - 64GB ROM plus 4GB RAM

More ROM means you can do much, much more. The internal memory of 4GB makes data processing quick and efficient, while the impressive 64GB storage allows you to store many more apps and have them run beautifully smoothly.

Extend Your Smart Phone to Your Car

CarAutoPlay is your smart driving companion, keeping you entertained, connected, and focused on the road. With the simplified interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions, CarAutoPlay lets you get the most out of the apps that you love, even while you're on the road.

HDMI Output
Share your entertainment
With the HDMI output port, you can connect your in-car entertainment system to any HDMI enabled monitor or other device. Share the high definition video and pristine quality audio with all of your passengers, so everyone gets to enjoy the journey!

4K Video Player
Equipped with the latest video technology, the unit supports 4K video and is compatible with most video formats. You and your passengers can watch your favourite movies on the road!

Screen Mirroring
Instead of fighting the temptation to use your phone while driving, let Screen Mirroring work for you. Simply connect your Android smartphone or iPhone to the unit, and you'll be able to access your phone's navigation, music, and other apps safely while driving.

DAB+ Tuner Ready
After connecting a USB radio receiver stick via the USB port, you can enjoy fabulous sound quality and a stronger signal to many digital audio channels.

Built-in GPS Receiver Module with External GPS Antenna
Supports Sygic, iGO, Waze and any other navigation software that is compatible with Android OS. Never worry about getting lost now.

Hands-free Calls and Audio Streaming - Supports Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX Technology
A custom Bluetooth module has been designed for the unit, ensuring full compatibility with the latest phones with Bluetooth 5.0

Stay Connected to the Internet
You can surf the internet on your head unit simply by using your mobile device as a hotspot, or access the internet by inserting a SIM card into the XTRONS 4GDONG001 or 3GDONG008.

Built-in Radio Tuner
18 FM and 12 AM stations

Built-in USB/SD Port
128GB (the max files in the USB & SD should be within 8GB)

Battery Voltage Monitor
Supports the display of your vehicle's battery information

Explore your options and maximise your system with our range of accessories. Make the most of in-car technology.
Enjoy the audiophile-level sound in your car
Monitors your tyre pressure and temperature
XTRONS HCTPMS04 and TPMS07 are compatible
A window for you to diagnose your car status
XTRONS OBD01, OBD02, OBD03 and OBD04 are compatible
Helps you record your journey on the road
XTRONS DVR019S, DVR023S, DVR025S, DVR027S, DVR028, DVR030 are compatible
Makes the input of information easy
XTRONS AMK003 is compatible
Browse the Internet with a 3G/4G Dongle
XTRONS 4GDONG001 and 3GDONG008 are compatible
Ensure the safety of your driving
XTRONS CAM005/CAM006/CAM007/CAM009/CAM001F are compatible
Makes hands free Bluetooth safer and easier
XTRONS MIC001 & MIC002 & MIC003 & MIC004 are compatible
Car Auto Play
The best car connection experience for your smartphone
XTRONS CP02 and CP03 are compatible


  • Head Unit: 178x150x50mm
  • Face Panel: 253x160mm


  • 1 x ISO Wiring Harness
  • 2 x USB Cable
  • 1 x GPS Antenna
  • 2 x RCA Cables
  • 1 x Camera Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 2 x Installation Kit



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