Wharfedale DELTA-AX18B

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Wharfedale DELTA-AX18B

The updated DELTA-AX series features improved internal electronics. The newly designed power components ensure high performance and extreme reliability.
DELTA-AX can easily be recognised with the iconic Wharfedale Pro boomerang logo routed into the top surface.

Capable of producing extraordinary levels of SPL and output, inside every DELTA-AX speaker are high headroom amplifiers exclusively engineered by Wharfedale Pro.  The DELTA-AX18B has an impressive low end frequency response of 38Hz - 200Hz which gives any PA system that rumble, punch and impact to impress any audience.
DELTA-AX is constructed from birch plywood and features dual angle pole mounts to ensure that your sound is aimed directly at the audience, not at the ceiling.
....and it is ready for installation
DELTA-AX18B a great installation solution too. Clubs, restaurants and houses of worship around the world already rely on DELTA systems day in, day out.   The updated electronics of the DELTA-AX18B give you peace of mind for long-term use.

Key Features

  • 18" active subwoofer
  • Premium Baltic birch construction
  • Low pass filter control
  • Hi Pass link outputs
  • 38Hz - 200Hz Frequency response
  • 180° phase switch
  • 4" LF voice coil
  • 1000w Continuous
  • 2000w Peak
  • 132dB Max SPL @ 1m


  • Model Name: DELTA-AX18B
  • System type: Active subwoofer
  • Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 38Hz - 200Hz
  • Calculated Maximum SPL @1m: 132dB
  • LF Transducer:
    • Size: 470mm / 18"
    • Coil size: 101.6mm / 4.0"
    • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Amplifier: 1000w Continuous
  • Protection: Power on/off mute, thermal, low line level voltage shutdown
  • Connectors:
    • Input A - type: Balanced line
    • Input sensitivity: Line:0dBu
    • Max input level: 22dBu
    • Input connectors: TRS jack and Female XLR
    • Impedance: Balanced:20KΩ Unbalanced:10KΩ
    • Loops gain: 0dB
  • AC Power: AC100-120V~/220-240V~,50/60HZ
  • Enclosure material: 15mm Plywood
  • Grille material: 1.2mm steel
  • Unpacked dimensions:
    • Height: 539mm
    • Width: 539mm
    • Depth: 650mm
  • Packed dimensions:
    • Height: 624mm
    • Width: 722mm
    • Depth: 611mm
  • Net Weight: 38.4kg
  • Gross Weight: 44.3kg

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