Audio System R-110.4 DSP-BT

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Audio System R-110.4 DSP-BT - DSP-SERIES 4-channel amplifier (with 8-channel HIGH-POWER DSP)

  • 4-channel digital high-performance amplifier with 8-channel DSP Freescale multi-core chip
  • Full active mode
  • Bluetooth


  • 4x 110 W RMS at 4 ohms
  • 4x 200 W RMS at 2 ohms
  • 2x 400 W RMS mono at 4 ohms

Technical specifications

  • 4-Channel Amp with 8-channel DSP and BT
  • 4-channel analog high-performance amplifier controlled via APP with 8-channel SIGMA DSP processor from ANALOG DEVICES SOFTWARE/APP adjustable via ANDROID-BT or iOS-BT
  • automatic UPDATE via WLAN
  • 30x parametric EQ’s per channel
  • 8x presets
  • up to 48 dB
  • 4x DSP controlled RCA outputs (5 volts)
  • 1x AUX input
  • 4x RCA Inputs (low level 0.5 to4 volts)
  • 4x Molex high level inputs (5 to 20 volts) via BTL or SE signal detection with switch-on automatic
  • 1x remote output
  • frequency range: 10-24000 Hz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: ADC:107 dB and DAC: 112 dB
  • Start/stop capable up to 6 volts/5sec
  • operating voltage 9.6-18 volts
  • Operating temperature from -40C° to +85C°
  • Dimensions: 325 x 50 x 185 mm

DSP-Software Download

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