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Xtrons AK/INIB/NRCBL - Harness Adapter with High to Low Impedance Converter

XTRONS AK/INIB/NRCBL is a 40pin ISO harness adapter with High to Low Impedance Converter. It solves the problem that Audi A3/A4 rear speakers have no sound or have static noise after installing aftermarket car stereos.

How to Use

1. Turn off the unit, locate the amps and the harness cables.

2. Remove the ISO harness from the XTRONS unit.

3. Plug the red and white RCA connectors into color-coded jacks on the harness adapter.

4. Connect the harness adapter to the original harness of XTRONS unit, the AK/INIB/NRCBL will perform as an extension harness cable here. Plug the harness back to the unit.

*Compatible with XTRONS head units or other aftermarket unit (fit for Audi A3/A4 models) which use 40pin harness.


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