Rockford Fosgate M2D2-10I

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Rockford Fosgate M2D2-10I - 10" DVC 2Ω Color Optix™ Infinite Baffle Marine Subwoofer

The M2 series of Element Ready™ subwoofers are designed to pair with the Rockford Fosgate Color Optix™ Controller and RF Connect App through its Deutsch™ and Amphenol™ connectors integrated into the basket. This combined with their IP67 certification make these speakers Element Ready™ and truly purpose built for marine applications. To compliment the plug and play connectivity and streamline installation, M1 subwoofers are equipped with a VersaSwitch™ to make changing impedance between 2 and 8 ohms as easy as flipping a switch. This subwoofer is optimized for Infinite Baffle installations, where an enclosure is not required. A mounting baffle isolates any interaction between the front and rear wavelengths to prevent cancellation.


  • 2" (50mm) High Temp Kapton™ Woofer Voice Coil Former
  • Ultra-high temperature PA66 with 30% glass fill injection-molded frame with UV inhibitors
  • Gold plated Marine grade brass terminals provide a corrosion resistant connection
  • Industry’s first molded in-frame connectors for simple connectivity in addition to conventional spade terminals
  • Integrated Deutsch™/Amphenol™ connectors make wiring connections simple and error proof
  • Vented motor design with water-repelling nano coated mesh screen
  • 100% UV Stable Centrex plastic grill
  • Linear Aramid-Polyester Composite Spider
  • Fully insulated silicone tinsel leads
  • Injection molded UV stable foam surround
  • VAST vertical attach surround technique increases effective radiating cone area up to 25%
  • Injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone body with UV inhibitors
  • Co-molded surround and mineral filled polypropylene cone body
  • Optically clear UV stable RGB Lighting Encapsulation
  • Ultra-bright wide-angle RGB LEDs provide rich, reliable illumination
  • VERSA switch allows series or parallel wiring with flip of switch without additional wiring
  • Optimized for infinite baffle installations


  • Size: 10"
  • Nominal Impedance (Ohms): 1-Ohm or 4-Ohm Switchable
  • Power Handling (Watts RMS)
  • 400 Watts RMS
  • 1600 Watts PEAK
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 2.0" (50.8 mm)
  • Magnet Weight (oz): 55.02 oz. (1.56 Kg)
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 750 Hz
  • Fs (Hz): 43
  • Re (Ohms): 3.3
  • Le (mH): 1.17
  • Qms: 5.69
  • Sd (cm2): 363
  • Qes: 0.86
  • Qts: 0.74
  • Vas: 30.5
  • SPL (dB @ 1w/1m): 90.3
  • Xmax (mm): 11.0
  • Woofer Displacement: 4.20 (0.15 Liters)
  • Speaker Connector: Deutsch™
  • Cutout Diameter: 8.87" (225.3 mm)
  • Mounting Depth: 4.44" (112.7 mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 5.26 Kg

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Rockford Fosgate


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