Hifonics ZRX10D2

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Hifonics ZRX10D2 - Subwoofer

The ZEUS ZRX subwoofers from HiFonics provide a lot of fresh wind on the market. And not only in the well-known sizes 10-15 inches, but also in the moderate sizes of 6.5 and 8 inches. Even at first eye contact, it becomes clear that more serious bass attacks can be expected here. Especially wide centerings, high-quality dual poly cotton spiders with rear ventilation and various pole core holes guarantee a very high load capacity and compression-free reproduction. The new-type, ribbed surrounds prevent unwanted roll effects and also allow a very linear cone deflection. The oscillating voice coils were additionally sewn twice on the bead. With all these ingredients, the ZEUS ZRX subwoofers not only boast the best impulse response and deep and punchy bass, but they are also particularly robust.


  • Dual Magnet Motor with 2 x 70 Oz. (3,4 kg)
  • 76 mm Dual Voice Coil with X-Max +/- 18 mm
  • Dual Poly Cotton Spider with Double Centering
  • Non-Pressed Paper Cone with Coating
  • Aluminum Die-Cast Basket
  • Double Stitched Surround with Rib Structure
  • Blue Magnet Rubber Boot


  • 25 cm (10") Subwoofer
  • 800 W/RMS, 1600 W/MAX, 2+2 Ω
  • Ø 240 mm, ‡ 166 mm


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